Two of Rods/Wands Message – Unicorn Tarot

Hello lovelies!

Our card for today from The Unicorn Tarot is Two of Rods (Wands).

Two of Rods Keywords: Opportunity, Early stages of an endeavor/enterprise/project, Cooperation, Cooperative venture, A waiting period after a start, Transition, Growth, Initiative, and Not yet fulfilled potential.

Unicorn Tarot 07-24-2017 (3)PICM

Two of Rods Card Image: A figure clad in red is atop a cliff or a mountain top. A unicorn is beside the figure and looks at the person with excitement. One foot of the figure is up like he’s about to step up to the top. The figure holds a unicorn horn shaped rod in one hand, and a globe representing the earth in the other. Another rod is firmly planted in the ground, much like a flag to signify conquering, victory, or discovery of an area.

Two of Rods Card Message: We could be at the beginning stages of something in our lives. We did the work and put in the effort that got us this far, but now it might be time to wait for a little while for things to take some momentum of their own. This is a celebratory type of phase in a way. We can celebrate all the activities and efforts that got us to this point. If we recently started a business, a course, an educational program, or any other activity that we started, we can celebrate all the work that got us to here and now. More work and more effort is needed, but this is a good inspirational phase that we are in. Things are looking up. All we have to do is be a little patient with ourselves and the world, as we will get to the next steps in our journey soon.

Have a beautiful day lovelies!





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