The Chariot Message – Unicorn Tarot

Hello lovelies!

Our card for today from The Unicorn Tarot is VII The Chariot.

The Chariot Keywords: Initiative, Determination, Balancing opposing forces, Clear purpose, Willpower, Drive for success, Focus, Self – assertion,  Self-control, Self-reliance, Self-discipline, Achievement, Mastery, Ability to overcome obstacles, Mind and emotions pulling in opposite direction, Movement forward, A journey, Balance, and Centeredness.

Unicorn Tarot 07-24-2017 (2)PICM

The Chariot Card Image: A man is riding in a chariot pulled by two unicorns. The unicorns seem to want to do in opposite direction from each other. The rider is holding the reins in one hand, and a blue flag showing a unicorn in the other hand. The charioteer is leaving a building behind that is now barely visible, perhaps due to the dust produced by the unicorns hooves in the sand. This image gives me the feeling that the rider has left home at dusk with the sun setting down behind.

The Chariot Message: Whatever you are involved with at this time in our professional or personal life, now is the time to give it a go ahead. Do you have any goals or projects that you’ve been contemplating for some time? The chariot lets us know that this is a good time to get started with it, and that the contemplation phase has come near the end. We have the strength and skills to succeed in our endeavors, even though we do not always feel that we do. We can trust that we will succeed in the end, even though the road ahead can be bumpy. The main thing now is to maintain the focus onto the work, or life projects we chose for ourselves. We need to be aware of things that can distract us from our goals and make an effort to keep on the road ahead. We need to be careful of not wasting our energies unnecessarily, and focusing our energy on the current goal in front of us.

Much love everyone!



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