Snake Message – Animal Spirit Oracle

Hello lovelies,

Our card for today from the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle, by Kim Krans, is SNAKE.

Snake Keywords: Transformation, Change, Creation, Cosmic Serpent, Guardian, Cycle of life, death, and rebirth, Reemergence, Renewal, Sun Worship, Magik, Focus, Grounding, Fertility, Flexibility, Astral travel, Altered states and consciousness, Kundalini, Healing, Stillness, Warning, Careful, Intelligence, Quickness, Strike, and Defense.

AnimalSirit 2017-0715 (3)PICM

Intuitive Snake card message: Come with me and feel the earth. Let yourself feel the warmth and light of the sun. Let yourself feel the vibrations of the earth and the cosmos. Let yourself feel and taste your environment. Stay aware, stay connected, and stay in control of yourself and your world. Be patient and strike at exactly the right moment to get what you need. Call to me when you need focus, call to me when you need changes in your life, call to me when you need healing, and call to me when you need to completely transform your life. Be one with the earth, be one with the water, be one with the air, and be one with the fire. Be one with spirit, and be at all times renewed.

Much love, and many hugs!




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