Nightingale Message – Animal Spirit Oracle

Hello lovelies!

So this is the first card of the week for our daily readings with the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle, by Kim Krans.

The card for today, Monday July 17, 2017 is NIGHTINGALE.

AnimalSirit 2017-0715 (1)PICM

The Nightingale Keywords: Performance, Poetry, Creativity with words or song, Calling out and being heard, Fearless voice, Speech, Communication, and Singing during the night or day.

The Nightingale Card Image: The Nightingale is seen singing on a blue sphere against a darkened sky. The light is starting to break through, and the blue sphere he is on reminds me of the start of a new day. The start of the day on our blue planet.

The Nightingale heralds a new day. It sings at night and during the day. The males do most of the singing. They sing to attract mates, and they sing in the hour before dawn to defend their territory.

The Nightingale gives us inspiration and it’s the harbinger of our personal dawn. What insights have come to us from the night in the light of dawn? What lessons and messages we have received in our dreams? The Nightingale encourages us to speak, sing, and be heard. To write, to create, to perform, and to improve our communication skills. It might be a great time to sing in the shower. 🙂 To journal, and to allow yourself to create a poem, or compose a musical piece. It’s a great time to listen to music and enjoy ourselves. What can you create today lovelies? Don’t be shy, just have fun!

Much love and many blessings!




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