The 9 of Swords Message – Weekend Ending July 16, 2017 – Thelema Tarot

Hello lovelies,

It is Friday and the weekend is very near. Hopefully you have the weekend off and you can spend it however you like lovelies!

So for now, we are coming at the end of our card pulls from the beautiful Thelema Tarot. I really enjoyed working with this deck this week. I really like this system of blog posting readings for the entire week with one deck. It really helps me to connect with the deck and get a sense of the energies we are exposed to and surrounded by for the week. Next week I want to work with a Oracle deck all week. I quite like oracle decks and I have nearly as many of them as Tarot decks. Ok, probably not as many, but I do have many, I really like the energy of oracle decks. I used to use them a lot more in the past. So working with one for an entire week would be really nice. Maybe I’ll start alternating Tarot and then Oracle decks from week to week. Or not. We’ll see. 🙂

Alright! Let’s look at our card for today. We’ve got the 9 of Swords as a card for today and focus for the weekend. Oh boy! I know a lot of people don’t like this card. But what can we do. We get these type of cards sometimes. Like last week!! Goodness!! So, the 9 of Swords is a card about stress, anxiety, and what-if worries. At least now we can be aware of the possibility of this kind of energy for some of us this weekend, and now we can be a little more mentally prepared, and deal with it the best we can when we are facing our particular situations.

20170708 - Thelema Tarot (5) 9ofSwords PICM

The 9 of Sword card above shows a woman as if she was just awakened from a bad dream or a nightmare. Or perhaps she was trying to sleep and could not because of stress, so she sat up on her couch. The green covers the woman had on her are now laying to the side. The moonlight is coming in from the window through the 9 swords placed there like window blinds. A lit candle sits on the table behind her to her left, like a guiding light in the dark. The moonlight and shadows play all around the room as the woman sits in distress.

Al right sweeties! Our sleep might be disturbed sometimes this weekend. We might be dealing with some fears, guilt, doubt and worries as well. These might only be psychological in nature, and we might not be suffering as this woman is in our external, day to day reality. These troubles and difficulties that could be plaguing us could look a lot less scary in the daylight, compare the way they look in the dark or in the moonlight. Fear can get away with us, and panic can be setting in distorting our reality. But if this turns out to be something more real for us this weekend, we need not suffer alone. Please talk to a friend, a loved one, or the proper professional helpers out there and get some help and perspective on what you are dealing with. Please take care of yourself the best way you know how this weekend.

How do you usually deal with fear and anxiety? Or, What usually brings fear and anxiety it up for you? And, What conscious efforts can we make to help ourselves this weekend lovelies? For example, for me, having a little too much coffee can make me really anxious and it ruins my whole day. So I know – sometimes; for the most part – not to drink too much coffee because it will increase my chances to feel anxious. I know this is not a serious issue, drinking coffee when you shouldn’t, but bear with me here. What are our usual triggers? If we try to avoid some of these this weekend, perhaps we can soften the blow of these feelings and situations for ourselves a little bit, especially if we dealt similar feelings and situations before. We know how to help ourselves, so let’s try to be patient and kind with ourselves this weekend lovelies.

Much love sweeties! Stay strong and look for support. Don’t suffer alone!


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