The Lovers Message – Thelema Tarot

Hello lovelies!

How are you all doing? I really hope things have been OK for you so far this week! If the cards we got this week, were an indication for at least some you, then I hope you have enjoyed this week and all it had to bring.

So we are continuing to work with the Thelema Tarot this week. The card for today is VI  The Lovers. The Lovers is a card of choice, duality, love, and passion.

VI The Lovers Keywords: Union, Duality, Choice, Passion, Romance, Romantic Love, Spiritual love, Romantic Union, Spiritual union, Intimacy, Tenderness, Self-Love, A partnership, A new relationship, Commitment, Engagement, and Temptation.

20170708 - Thelema Tarot (4) TheLovers PICM

 This image of The Lovers is quite beautiful! I like the expression of the angel, and I even like the body language of the lovers and the way they are looking at one another. So in this image, we have a man and a woman waist deep in water looking at each other lovingly. The woman has purple flowers in her hair and a gold band on her head. The man also has a gold band on his head. Perhaps this is to show their union through the rings,  the circle of their head bands, so instead of the rings being on their fingers, it is represented by the gold bands that they are wearing, and maybe even by the gold arm bands that they are wearing. The water the lovers are in, extends as far as the eye can see. It is beautiful and there are two dolphins jumping and playing in the background on the left. There are also some rock formations, or cliffs in the background on the right, perhaps to signify the strength of the union, and/or the challenges and obstacles the lovers undoubtedly will have to face together. The sun is setting, or rising, and a female angel with long red hair, also wearing a gold band, is watching over them from above. Is as if she, the angel, is one with the sun. The card has a beautiful golden orange light throughout which is reminiscent of Sacral Chakra. Which is not surprising giving that the sacral chakra is the second chakra, and is the center of feeling, emotion, pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection.

Today is a day of love, union, and tender intimacy lovelies. Now I know that this card shows two people, and it often refers to romantic love and intimacy, but this is not the only case in my experience. The Lovers can also represent union, connection, and intimacy with Your-Self, Higher-Self, Spirit, and Source. Intimacy and connection can be also expressed in a non romantic or sexual way with another person as well. But yes, I do not deny the implication here that this refers to a romantic union or relationship.

So bask in the warmth and light of this connection, this union with your significant other, being an existing relationship or a new relationship. Commit or re-commit to one another. Commit or re-commit to yourself, to your goals, and your life. I would say this is also a great card to represent your commitment, or re-commitment to self-love. Be gentle and tender with yourselves, your lovers, and your other loved ones. It is a day of joy and celebrating yourself and the people in your life. Do something special, even something small, for yourself, or your loved one/s if the time allows today, or arrange for some way of celebrating this union soon. Show yourselves and others some love and care today lovelies.

Much love! ❤



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