The Star Message – Thelema Tarot

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are all well today?

We are continuing today to work with the Thelema Tarot. Our card for today is XVII The Star. The Star is a card of hope, inspiration and optimism.

The Start Keywords: Inspiration, Luck, Optimism, Tranquility, Renewal, Fate/Hope for the future, Happiness, Spirituality and spiritual growth, Inner guidance, Universal Guidance, Guiding light, Inner healing, Liberation, and Purification.

20170708 - Thelema Tarot (3) TheStar PICM

The Thelema Tarot Star card shows a beautiful woman with long dark hair, and dressed in long flowy blue translucent dress. In her hands she holds two cups. A gold cup in her right hand, and a silver cup in her left hand. She is pouring a sparkling liquid into the water. She is not looking down towards the water that she’s pouring into, she is looking up towards the sky and the bright star above.  A huge moon hangs behind her and the night sky is sparkling with thousands of shiny stars. The woman blends beautifully into the water, the universe and multitude of stars.

Today is about hope, renewal, and inspiration lovelies! If you experienced difficulties lately be assured that you are now in a state of liberation and renewal in your life. This is the glimmer of light, the sign that we’ve been waiting for, the hope that things are going to be well again. The Star is giving us a chance to start anew.  The Star illuminates the divinity in us and everything around us. She is guiding us towards a better life. Listen to that guidance and follow it’s glowing trail of light within your heart.

The Star also represents a highly spiritual time in our life. What is it that gives you joy and hope for yourself and the world? Meditation, tarot/oracle cards, crystals, reiki, sound healing, music, aroma therapy, art, art therapy, energy healing, shamanic healing, witching, spirituality, or spiritual counseling? What is your sparkly fuel that fills you with hope and inspiration to help you fulfill your dreams? Do that today. Do that as a regular practice and bring the exhilarating energy of The Star as often as you need.

Much love baby cakes!


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