Weekend Card Message – July 7-9

Hello there, 🙂

The weekend is almost here lovelies. ❤ As I did all week I pulled a card The Lioness Oracle Tarot, by Alejandra Leon.  We got the Knight of Swords.


Knight of Swords

LionessOracleTarot (5.2) NightofSwordsPICM Keywords: New experiences, Swift action, Quick solutions, Problem solving, Mental stimulation, Confidence, Assertiveness, Ambition, Restlessness

“The Knight of Swords actively defends what he thinks is right and just. He will fight for his right to speak his mind and tell the truth, one who trespasses onto his territory must be prepared to face a fierce and true warrior.”   This Knight of Swords shows an ornate golden armored helmet with a sheathed sword and a red rose in the background.

Intuitively I feel that the helmet of the Knight is absent a night because we might need to ware it and embody the strength and characteristics of the Knight of Swords this weekend. So how can we do that? We can bring our new ideas into the light and share them with others. We can demonstrate our intellect and engage in interesting discussions. We can sit down and think of some of the decisions that are needed to be made in our life, especially addressing things we’ve avoided for a while. We can be bold and take action and tackle some new things and projects this weekend.

Have a great weekend everyone. Much love and many hugs.






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