XII The Hanged Woman Card Message

Hello lovelies,

Continuing with the The Lioness Oracle Tarot, by Alejandra Leon, the message today come to us from the Hanged Woman.

XII (12) Hanged Woman Keywords: Reflection, Serenity, New angle, New perspective, Limbo, Voluntary sacrifice, Adaptability

LionessOracleTarot (4.1) XIITheHangedWomanPICM

The Hanged Woman card shows a woman that’s suspended upside down. She seems to be in mid-air and not quite touching the ground. Her hair is flowing, and her head seems to be in between a crystal and a butterfly. She also has light yellow and pink roses near her head.  A desert scene is in the background showing a steep cliff and cacti, and the sky is darkened by big gray clouds.

This image reminds me of The Fool card from the Ride-Waite system, because of the cliff. But where the fool is inexperienced and at the beginning of his journey just about to step into the unknown, the Hanged Woman here has had many life experiences and consciously is taking this inner journey. The clear quartz crystal at her head suggests that she will gain clarity from this journey. The butterfly by her head suggests that this will be a transformative experience. Perhaps she will also gain more understanding and love for herself and others at the end of the journey she’s in. The roses that are near her head and torso is what speaks to me of self-love. The self-love that comes from understanding oneself much more deeply after we place ourselves in certain situations and experiences.

The other thing with this image is the fact that she is hanging upside down but is unbound and seems to me peacefully levitating exactly in the place she needs to be in. So in a way for me this is also a similarity between her and The Fool, this freedom. She is The Fool that stepped off the cliff and is now processing what she has learned. There is no rush. I get that she will be there as long as she needs to be, and then I’m imagining her landing gently down on the ground when she’s ready. Kind of like how I fall down a building in a dream where I end up swaying gently down like a leaf falling from a tree. – That’s how my falling dreams end. 🙂

What I also find interesting is how she’s levitating here with her feet towards the sky, and her head towards the ground, but touching neither. Touching nothing. Like nothing is influencing her besides this experience, this journey. The Fool is with his feet on the ground and his head in the clouds 😉 or the sky, as he’s about to step off the edge of the very high cliff. He is rooted to the earth in a way, even though he is newly on his journey. But our hanged woman is literally suspended between the worlds. She is suspended between the conscious and subconscious. At this time this is what she needs to gain knowledge. She does not need to be on the ground. She will find her feet on the ground soon enough again, and she will be better equipped to take place in her life.

The need here is to be fully free and to just calmly “be”. No action is needed, no thinking is needed. Just being is needed. Being in the moment. Being in the experience of oneself. Being calm and serene is needed.

Now in terms of the sky, the cacti and the desert, I’m getting that even though this free hanging levitating feels light and freeing and weightless, she cannot stay there forever. The gray clouds are going to catch up with her and she need to turn herself right side up and have her feet on the ground once again. The gray clouds will eventually bring much needed rain to the desert, and it will help the plans to be sated and nourished.

Her suspension in a way is like the hanging gray clouds that are full of tiny icy particles that when they join with other iced particles and become bigger and heavier, are pulled toward the ground by gravity. This makes me think of the necessity for us to do this kind inactivity from time to time. Our many small day to day experiences, and bigger more life altering experiences become heavy within us. Within our minds. Within our physical and emotional bodies. We need to allow and encourage ourselves to partake in these types of suspension experiences. It is necessary for us and for our lives. Just like the rain is necessary to the desert. The suspension, the experience of letting go, and just being, being free, will nourish and sate us, so in turn we can nourish our life when our feet touch the ground again.  It’s that break, that suspension, from the bustle of everyday life, from the gathering of experiences, actions, and emotions that can become heavy for us. It’s a way to let go and start refreshed.

My goodness this card had a lot to say to me. I am very appreciative for all the decks that I have because of experiences like this. I have never pulled this card for myself. I worked with this deck a few times doing readings for myself, but I don’t always have the time or the patience to get so deep with a card like I just did. The different cards we interact with and the different insights we can get based on the each deck author, can be incredibly fulfilling. Just like I’ve experienced this card today. I know this blog post is long, but so much came out of this card that I would have done a disservice to you and myself if I was to interrupt my insight and intuition with this card.

Alright! Now for today’s message: 🙂

The message today is to take it easy. Especially after the cards we had in the last few days – Five of Swords and the Seven of Wands twice in a row. With some of the more difficult experiences you might have had so far this week, this “time out” is much needed. Take a break from your daily activities. Check in with yourselves, take stock and give yourself some room to breathe, to be free and to be suspended in doing nothing. Take some time for yourself today and just shut off. Things can get pretty cleared up once we allow our minds and our bodies some rest and rejuvenation. Try not to worry about what’s left to be done for the day. That time will come again. But for a moment, 10 minutes, or an hour, close your eyes today and just be. Be with your inner yourself. Be in your own company for a while, and gain a different perspective on your life.

Much love sweethearts,



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