Seven of Wands Again

Hello lovelies!

Today’s message comes from the same card as yesterday. The Seven of Wands, from The Lioness Oracle Tarot, by Alejandra Leon.

I have to admit, I was tempted to pretend that I did not pull this card again and have another shuffle. But I believe there is a reason why we got the same card twice in a row. Perhaps the message still needs to go out to some of us.

LionessOracleTarot (2) 7ofWandwsPICM

Seven of Wands Keywords: Courage, Strength in adversity, Taking a stand, Keeping your ground, Maintaining your position, Self-confidence, Assertiveness, Challenge, Perseverance, Determination

“The Seven of Wands calls for fierceness of integrity and self-truth. The world is a place of incredible variety, and not everyone will see eye to eye. The lesson is to be courageous in the face of adversity.” – Alejandra Leon

I intuitively asked myself why we received the same card/message. The intuitive answer was, that it’s too early to move on to something else right now. We need to process this energy before we can move on to another. If we have been dealing with stressful situations in the last few days and these situations are lingering, perhaps we are asked to face our fears right now.

What is it in this situation that leaves us afraid? Facing our fears – I know I have to, giving the conflict I went through on Monday – will help us deal better with situations like this in the future. Perseverance of our strength and courage might be what is needed today. Whatever we are dealing with right now, whatever our path we can stand strong. Is it a project that you are working on that you have to defend? Is it a creative endeavor? A business? A relationship? Whatever it is, we have the skills and the capacity to deal with it and continue on our path. It’s like we need to look at the situation that we are dealing with and find another perspective of it. This new perspective will help us in the future, so stay the course lovelies!

Much love,



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