Seven of Wands Message

Hello lovelies!

We are continuing to work this week with The Lioness Oracle Tarot, by Alejandra Leon. Today’s messages comes to us from the Seven of Wands card.

LionessOracleTarot (2.1) 7ofWandwsPICM

Seven of Wands Keywords: Courage, Strength in adversity, Taking a stand, Keeping your ground, Maintaining your position, Self-confidence, Assertiveness, Challenge, Perseverance, Determination

“The Seven of Wands calls for fierceness of integrity and self-truth. The world is a place of incredible variety, and not everyone will see eye to eye. The lesson is to be courageous in the face of adversity.” – Alejandra Leon

This image of the Seven of Wands shows the head of a tiger with 4 roses before him. On the left side are a few tree trunks and in the background we see a fire ablaze which encapsulated the entire area.

For me personally this card today is very interesting, because yesterday we had the Five of Swords and to have this as a follow up makes a lot of sense to me right now. The conflict of Five of Swords from yesterday came to pass late last night for me. I did not even realize it until this morning. I was involved in a conflict last night, and I have had a realization that will hopefully help me make better decisions in the future.  For me personally I am seeing this card as staying the course with my integrity and being honest with myself about the choices I make in my life.

What I get from this cards for the rest of us is that the conflict and the unrest of yesterday might not be completely over. Hot coals are still around and they can still burn us. But I take strength from the tiger and the beauty of the roses. All is not lost. Things at this point, or the situation you might find yourself in might be the lesson we need in order to conduct ourselves with more confidence, strength of character, and learn perseverance. We know true change takes time, and so I feel it’s a time to look toward the kernels of truth that have been popping up for us in the last couple of days. Have you had any realizations that were integral to your life yesterday, today, given the Five of Sword card we had? Have you stood strong by your values and what yo believe in? Have you discovered anything new about yourself? What are you now willing to commit to going forward?

These are the kind of questions that come to mind as I look into this card. There is hope, beauty, and love present still as we can see it represented by the 4 roses. There is also strength within us as it’s represented by the tiger. So stay strong and be patient. The number 4 also makes me thing of stability. Perhaps in our experiences at this time, we can discover within ourselves a new kind of strength and stability.

Much love sweat peas! Let’s stay strong!




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