Don’t Give Up, by Abby Wynne

Hello there,

Yesterday I purchased the e-book How to be Well: Use Your Own Natural Resources to Get Well and Stay Well for Life, by Abby Wynne. Today I opened it on my app and the first thing I saw was the poem below. it’s named Don’t Give Up. It is encouraging for me today, because I was feeling quite down, and it was inspiring to read the words. It made me feel a little better, and gave me hope for myself and my life. If you need a pick me up today, read below and I hope the poem helps you too.

How to Be Well

Don’t give up

You can hold the light, even if you feel alone.

Those who want it will fly towards it when they are ready,

Those who can’t take the brightness,

Will try to snuff if out.

Don’t despair

Tend to your light, keep it bright and strong.

Feed it gently, with love hope, dreams…..

Dance in your light, trust it and watch it grow,

Expand and know you’re not alone.

Keep moving towards the light no matter what

There are many lights dancing in the darkness,

Perhaps unaware of each other

Spinning and climbing like stars in the sky,

Over the rugged cliffs and joins in the landscape

It’s time to believe we can make it

What one does make it easier for others.

We are helping each other regardless of geography, geometry,

Space and time and all dimensions

Knitting together the gaps in our souls

To fill all the spaces with love

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