Five of Swords Message

Hello lovelies!

Our card for today is the Five of Swords, from The Lioness Oracle Tarot, by Alejandra Leon.

LionessOracleTarot (1.1) 5ofSwordPICM

Five of Swords Keywords: Internal/External conflict, Insecurities, Limitations, Arguments, Obstacles, Struggles, Barriers

This Five of Swords image shows one sword in the middle, and on each side of the sword there are two spear points that are lower in height than the sword in the middle. The background is a dark starry sky. A burst of light that shines a ray down on the sword is also shown at the top left.

“The Five of Swords represents a conflictive time. It could occur in the psyche, or there might be actual events and circumstances that play out. The result is a metaphorical background.”

The first thing that comes to mind when I look at this card is the ray of light and that the actual sword reaches highest than the other pointy spears. This tell me that whatever inner or outer conflicts we might face we should not lose hope, and that it’s not going to last long. It also tells me that we have to use our mind, our intellect when we are faced with this conflict. It’s about not giving up and standing your ground. I get the feeling that for some of us this refers to coercion of some kind. Is someone or an institution trying to have you do something that does not feel right to do? Is it something that conflicts with your values, or ideals? Are you being talked into, or talking yourself into doing something you really don’t want to do? Take a moment and try to think this through. Take a breath to steady and ground yourself and see what you are dealing with for what it is. Did you cause this somehow, did someone else cause it? Where do you stand?

That thin long pointy sword reminds us that we can think on our feet and we are capable of coming up with solutions. This might not be the time to work out what’s best for everyone. If you are dealing with a conflict that it’s against something/everything you stand for, you might have to defend yourself. If someone is berating you, arguing with you, and plainly bulling you, you need to do what’s best for you in this situation. And at this time it might be that you need to remove yourself from the situation/person. It might be that you’ve tried to reason this out, but if it does not work cut your losses and leave with your integrity intact.

I’m not sure why I’ve gotten such a strong feeling of coercion with this card today, but I did. I mean the image is very different than the Five of Swords of the Rider-Waite system, but I think because there is nothing on this card but swords/spears, it really drove it home for me that we could be dealing with this a strong mental conflict, and some kind of decision making that will affect us for ourselves going forward.

Blessings lovelies!




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