Day 1 July Deck Bond

Hello there! 🙂

This is day 1 of the July Deck Bond challenge on Instagram. To join, start, or follow, check out the challenge creators accounts Lisa @tarotize & Sandra @firerose_tarot, or the hashtag #julydeckbond.

Here we go. 🙂

Day 1 Prompt: Your deck introduces itself

The Shadowscapes Tarot, introduced itself as the Five of Cups.

JulyDeckBond Instagram Chalenge 2017 (1) Shadowscapes-5ofCups

In the image I see a beautiful barefoot woman holing a bowl with a fish in it. Swirls of energy and sprites surround her as she stares at the fish bowl in her hands. She is on a beach strand and three bowls are laying on the ground to her left. One of the bowls on the sand has two fish in it. The other two beside it are empty, and there’s one other bowl in the water. The bowls with liquid are filed with the woman’s sorrowful tears. Out of the five bowls one is already in the water. The sprites in the sea appear to be holding it upright in the waves and flow of the sea. She might be looking to place the bowl in her hands into the water as well.

Five of Cups Keywords: Mourning, Sadness, Regret, Disappointment, Self-blame, Loss, Overturned emotions

My Shadowscapes Tarot deck introduces itself with the energy of offering emotional support in times of mourning, loss, betrayal and disappointment. Just like the sprites try to offer comfort to the woman in the image so will the Shadowscapes do for me in my life and my readings. Like the offered shoulder of a friend when I need to let go and have a good cry, I will allow myself with the help of this deck, to be fully present in the emotions I find myself. This should help the feelings pass and process through my body. Suppressed emotions do not help, and bypassing and ignoring what I feel does not help me either. I’ve learned this first hand. It’s a process and I am still learning to not run away from the way I feel and to deal with the emotion in the moment. I am glad that this deck it’s going to offer this kind of support to me. I am looking forward to working with it and seeing how our relationship will develop this month and in the future.

The Tabula Mundi Colores Tarot, introduced itself as the Two of Swords: Peace.

JulyDeckBond Instagram Chalenge 2017 (1) TabulaMundi-2ofSwords

In the Two of Swords: Peace image from the Tabula Mundi I see two pillars. One dark and one light. I believe these are the same pillars from the Priestess card. I also see the scales of the Adjustment card, (Justice in Rider-Waite tarot system). The scroll in the middle is also a nod to the Priestess card. The swords are perfectly balanced and equally arranged to support the scales. On the scales we have a jar that probably contains the heart-jar and the other holds a feather. The pans of the scales show two ouroboros that are spiraling in opposite directions. In the background we see the dark night sky and the half moon. It’s a gorgeous image.

My Tabula Mundi Tarot introduces itself with the energy of the Lord of Peace, of balance, and harmony.  This card is ruled by the Moon, and it’s the first manifestation of the element of Air, as such is in perfect balance. The pillars represent the light and the dark, the yin and yang, and the forces of polarity, the negative and positive in equilibrium. The Moon in the background is a reminder of our minds which are in constant fluctuation. Mental flexibility results in intellectual  harmony. The scroll of the Priestess represents conscious and unconscious knowledge and wisdom.

This deck will offer me peace, balance, and mental harmony. Mental harmony will not come without some polarities, but in the end the effort to achieve mental balance and harmony are worth it. This deck will also support me as I learn to delve into myself to explore my light and my dark/shadow selves to achieve inner harmony, acceptance and balance. I am really intrigued by this deck and this card, and I am looking forward to working with this deck exploring our relationship this month and in the future. Beautiful!

Much love! Have a great remaining of the weekend lovelies!




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