Message for Weekend Ending Sunday July 2, 2017

Hello lovelies!

This week went by so fast. It feels like I just got back from my work trip in Windsor. It’s been really lovely to work with one deck for the whole week. I like this arrangement, and I am going to keep doing it this way for a while. I really enjoyed the Rabbit Tarot, and I am looking forward to working with it again sometimes.

So without further ado, here are the last card pulls for this week, from the cute Rabbit Tarot, by Nakisha VanderHoeven.

For this weekend the cards are VIII (8) of Sticks, VI (6) of Tulips, and IV (4) of Sticks.

Rabbit Tarot - VIIof SticksFireWands-VIofTulipsWaterCups-IVofSticks 06-30-2017_07-02-2017PICM

VIII (8) of Sticks (Wands/Fire Suit)

Keywords: Forward motion, Rapid pace, Activity, Movement, Progress, New ideas, New, Good messages, Flashes of creative ideas and inspiration

Rabbit Tarot - VIIIofSticks 06-30-2017_07-02-2017PICM

The white rabbit in the Eight of Sticks is holding a branch in his paws. He is looking up as he walks, and he seems to be rushing to bring the branch somewhere. In his hurry he might not see that he is about to trip over the three branches on the ground. The remaining four branches are standing up to his right. The hills are light green under foot and in the background and the branches have no leaves. The sky is a little dark perhaps foretelling of rain, hence his reason for rushing.

Are you expecting news this Friday, this weekend? If not you might still be receiving some news. This is a good time to go forward with your plans. Your wait time is near over and will be ending very soon. Opportunities and messages might be coming your way, so act as swiftly as you can. You might be traveling or going on a trip. This coincides very well with the long weekend in Canada for Canada Day celebration on July 1st; whatever your plans, you’re good to go. Swift decision making might also be needed at this time.

VI of Tulips (Cups/Water Suit)

Keywords: Innocence, Nostalgia, Memories, Reliving the past/childhood, Sharing, Connecting friends after a long time, Children

Rabbit Tarot - VIofTulips 06-30-2017_07-02-2017PICM

The cute rabbit is holding 6 tulips. He is looking longingly at one of them as it’s raised up in his paw. In the background we see a stone fence and a yellow horizon. The grass is nice and green blow his feet.

You might relive or review some of your past this weekend, so don’t be afraid to look at and perhaps starting to resolve some issues that have their roots in your past, or childhood. You might connect with a long lost friend, or a long past romantic partner might pop back into your life for a little while. This might be a good time to make amends for things that happened between you and another in the past. It’s never too late to take responsibility and be in charge of emotional healing. You can apologize to someone you’ve wronged, or you can ask that someone takes responsibility for their part in a situation and apologize to you.  If you are feeling highly emotional and raw, I would not suggest confronting people in that state as you might be very vulnerable. You be the judge of your emotional and physical well-being, and do what feels true to you.

IV (4) of Sticks (Wands/Fire Suit)

Keywords: Peace, Joy, Achievement, Event, Celebration, Prosperity, Happiness, Comfort, Blessings, Harmony, Secure place, Foundation of a relationship

Rabbit Tarot - IVofSticks 06-30-2017_07-02-2017PICM

In the Four of Sticks, our little white rabbit is in the field with 3 of the branches around him. He is holding one of the branches in his paw raised up to his chest. He is using that branch to obscure himself a little. It looks very playful, almost like he’s playing hide and seek. He’s ears are down so he seems very relaxed and secure to me. The grassy hill is nice and green, and there are vibrant green trees in the background.

To me intuitively this card means to take it easy this weekend, or on Sunday. Regardless if you choose to spend it alone or with friends and loved ones, make sure you are doing something you enjoy and it’s relaxing and refreshing you for the coming week. Laughter, good food and drink and other ways you can enjoy yourself this weekend are highly recommended. Be playful like our adorable white rabbit.

Here in Canada this weekend is the 150th celebration of Canada. It’s Canada Day, and a lot is happening in the city. Or if you prefer to stay indoors and finally catch up on some shows and some sleep in the comfort of your home, is also a great way to spend this long weekend. Whatever you do, however you spend your time during this weekend, I hope you are happy and satisfied. Enjoy what you’ve worked for and towards so far and let yourself celebrate as you desire.

Before I end this post, I just want to mention a couple of things about the deck.

So far I could not find any information on what the suits represent, and which one is Earth, Fire, Water, and Air, or Pentacles, Wands, Cups, and Swords.  To decide which suites reflect the cards best, I used the images, though they are not that closely resembling the Rider-Waite system. And this is the system I work with most at this time. So, I looked at all the cards and decided which suit it represents by finding the closest relevance to the Rider-Waite as far as image and author meanings too.

Now, not all of the cards fit, and the images and the information that comes with the deck varies greatly from what I would think is a Rider-Waite meaning, but I enjoyed looking for similarities and for differences and thinking about why the author saw a certain card in that way. The major cards are more closely and clearly reflecting the Rider-Waite system, and they are lovely, is just too bad that we did not get any in our readings this week. But we will work with the deck again for sure. Also, this being my first time working with the deck, it was a good and interesting experience for me. I am still learning the basic meanings in general and I am trying to incorporate that in the readings too, instead of always reading intuitively. I am looking forward to the time when both basic meanings, and intuitive meanings come to me in equal measure. So all in all, I had a great time connecting with those bunnies. I see references to rabbits, and rabbit art everywhere now since I started to work with the deck, and I appreciate that addition to my life as well.

Much love! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


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