Page of Carrots – Rabbit Tarot

Hello lovelies!

Our message today comes from the Court Card, Page of Carrots (Swords/Air Suit). We’re continuing this week to work with the Rabbit Tarot, by Nakisha VanderHoeven.

Rabbit Tarot - Page of Carrots 06-28-2017PICM

Our adorable Page of Carrots (Swords/Air Suit) is standing up on a green grassy hill holding on to his banner that shows two carrots pointing to each other. We can see the mountains in the background and the soft orange-yellowy sky, heralding a new day. The Dutch rabbit seems hopeful and eager in his quest and duties.

Page of Carrots (Swords):

Keywords: Strong will, Keen intellect, Communication, Forceful, Blunt, Mental stimulation, Mental and physical dexterity, Curiosity

The page of Carrots is ready for the opportunities coming his way. He has wit and is unafraid to learn by experience. This Page is attracted to higher learning and intellectual pursuits. He knows that he can eventually master his world, which is in constant motion.

Whatever situation you find yourself in remember that discretion, quick analyses and decisiveness are important at this time. Some of you may need to make an important decision. Remember that if this feels overwhelming, you can call in the support of a witty friend, or a professional, and hash things out and get some help. Look at the situation from all angles and carefully make your decision. Whatever you decide now could affect your future long term. Go forward with confidence like our little rabbit. You’ve got this!

Much love, and many blessings!



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