Enclosure – Card Message

Hello lovelies!

The message for today, Enclosure, is from the Resonance Oracle Cards, by Dara Caplan.

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 6-9-2017 2

In the image for the card Enclosure, we see a cavern with. It looks dark, but there’s also a little light shining onto it.

This card is about reminding us that in the dark is hard to see the light. That in the large cavern is easy to seem lost. But all is not lost, and we are not truly lost, we are always guided. We are guided by our own inner voice if we sit still and listen, even for one minute, the voice will be there.

We are guided by the Universe, our angelic guides, and other spirit guides you are connected to. You may feel trapped right now. Look at that and ask yourself the question “Why am I feeling trapped? What is this reminding me of? When did this happen before? When was it the first time I felt trapped? What did I do then? Do I see a pattern? If so, what is it? What is this trying to teach me? and How can I free myself from the existing pattern?”

We say that fear is an illusion. I hear this a lot. And yes, I understand that, but I also know how terrifying it can feel when in the grasps of it. I know it’s not easy. I have many fears myself. Many. And this is one lesson I try to learn: How to deal with fear. So far I have looked at what I am afraid of in the written word in my journal. I write it down. I write down all the fears I have at that time. Then I write down some facts about the situation. I stay away from the story I tell myself in my head.

For example (this is something that I have experienced): I am afraid that I won’t get the job I want to apply for. I don’t have the amount of experience they need. They won’t like me. They won’t want me. And so it goes. Then to calm myself down, I write, I am ….. years old. I have …… diploma. I have …… years of experience. My managers appreciated me for……. this skill/characteristic. It really works for me. It calms me down, and the fear becomes manageable.

So, if you find yourself in the dark cavern, lost and terrified, ask yourself the questions above, rewrite your story, and look at the facts. Just take it one breath at the time lovelies. One day at the time. One fear at the time.

Much love!


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