Death Card Message – Wild Unknown Tarot

Hello lovelies!

Our card today comes from the Wild Unknown Tarot, by Kim Krans. Our message is from the XIII Death card.

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 6-6-2017 2

In this Death card we see a bird that died and is in the process of being decomposed. There isn’t much left of the bird’s body, and she is almost taken back into the earth. She has already been nourishing some of earth’s creatures in her transformation. The background with the thin black lines, makes me thing of rain. Rain refreshes, washes, purifies, brings life and rejuvenates the earth and all it’s creatures. Legged, winged, and scaled.

The Death card is about endings, and therefore beginnings. When one thing ends another begins. When one door closes, another opens. Sometimes we are the ones closing and opening those doors, other times it’s a circumstance that closes that door, and we have to look for opportunities to open a new door in our life. This end in your life may bring to you something far more beneficial, valuable, and important, even though that might not look like a possibility right now.

This is a time of transition and renewal. Do your best to clear the old to bring in the new. Get the support you need to help you at this time. You can receive the support of your friends, your family, your therapist, a forum where you can be yourself with people, and this wonderful online community. So don’t forget to ask for what you need to help you move forward and find some of the new opportunities coming your way. Get support from your tarot, oracle, lenormand, and high vibes affirmation decks. Don’t forget to get support and comfort from your stones and crystal, incense, oils, aromatherapy and bath salts.

Be bold. Be strong. Be you!

Many blessings!


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