Knight of Pentacles Message – Lioness Oracle Tarot

Hello lovelies!

Today’s message comes from the Knight of Pentacles. This Knight is from The Lioness Oracle Tarot, by Alejandra Leon.

Tarot Court cards are still difficult for me, but I am reading about them, watching YouTube videos, and learning as much as I can. However, I haven’t gotten them often in readings for myself or for others, so they still stump me when they come up. Even right now, as I was pulling this card I was attempted to out it back into the deck and pull another for us today. But that would be out of integrity for me and if I don’t challenge myself, deal with, not run away, and read those court cards when they come up, how am I going to improve? Right? So here I am with this gorgeous Knight of Pentacles, which is my favourite knight by the way, trying to tune in and use what I know along with my intuition to give us a card message for today.

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 6-5-2017 2

In this Knight of Pentacles image we see a knight who is standing in full silver armor. The armor has beautiful patterns, and flower designs that make it appear softer and more feminine.  Behind him are a stack of golden coins, as well as three roses of red, yellow, and pink. The background of the card and where the knight is standing is the cosmos.

The Knight of Pentacles is active and works meticulously to accomplish his goal. S/He pays attention to details and doesn’t mind taking the time to make sure a job or project is well done. S/He works in an almost meditative state. Routinely paying the same care and attention to each portion of the project.

In this deck, the Knight of Pentacles, gives me a somewhat romantic feeling, because of the cosmos background and the roses. But the coins are there too just behind him/her, and that makes me think that this knight, finds having relationships with the elements and energies he encounters as very important.  The energy I get from this knight also is that s/he is at the stage of completion, or near completion of the job and project she was working on. S/He conquered one project and it’s time to move on to the next, or at least start thinking and planning the next job or project.

So the message I get is this: Keep going and continue doing what you’ve been doing so far in your path or project. Even if you are not finished now with the project or path you took, you’ve made very good progress. The completion of the project is near and on it’s way of being successful. Connect with those energies and elements of the project or your path. Meditate on them, give them names and personalities if you want, and have a relationship where you can interact with your creation. Bring them close to your heart and let those energies fill you with the pride and joy of having done and excellent job.

Blessed be lovelies!


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