Justice – Card Message

Hello lovelies!

Today’s message comes from the card Justice. This Justice card is from the self-published deck PetraK Tarot. It is a gorgeous deck, with beautiful colors and unique tarot art. Images of all the cards can be seen on her website. Just click on PetraK Tarot above take you there.

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 5-30-2017 2
VIII Justice: PetraK Tarot

Justice Card Image and Message:

In this card’s image we see a woman against a blue/green, teal background. She is sitting in a yoga/meditation like pose with her hands in the Anjali Mudra position. This mudra represents respect the Self and the Universe. The woman’s third eye is open and light rays are emanating from it rays towards the clouds. The background is pretty balanced with what could be the ocean and the sky. No land is visible as far as the eye can see.

Justice is balancing the scales on her shoulders. Her scales hold water, and she seems to be very still as to not spill a drop. Her legs as she’s sitting show the shape of the Lemniscate/Infinity symbol, and her feet are resting on the sword that’s bellow her. Behind her it could be another infinity symbol standing up.

The card Justice represents balance, harmony, justice, fairness, truth, and possibly the law. This particular Justice I find very interesting. She seems very focused and intense, but at the same time serene. She’s very aware of what is going on outside of her and within. Her eyes and third eye are all open and she’s looking directly at us. She is either inviting us or challenging us, depending on how you look at it, to join her in this quest of judgement. She promises to be fair and patient. She promises to use her sword to maintain her focus on the truth of the situation. You can say she walks in truth, giving the position of her feet on the sword, and that truth is an inherent part of her, represented by the sword in between her palms. I find it interesting that the sword is positioned all the way to the hearth chakra. Her throat chakra, third eye, and the crown chakra are not affected by this process, but nonetheless are there as observers of the process. She does not speak, she observes and supports in her quietude, she is impartial,  like the law of attraction is impartial.

So I feel that the message for us from her today is to look at certain events in our life with impartiality. To see things and situations objectively, look at the facts, not as something good, or bad. This will help us with seeing things from a different perspective. almost like an bird’s eye view. This will help us make more informed decisions.

Much love sweeties! ❤


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