Honesty – Card Message

Hello lovelies! I hope this reading finds you well!

Today’s message is from the deck Chakra Insight Oracle, authored by Caryn Sangster, and featuring Chip Richards in the “Card Story” section. The deck artist is Amy Edwards, and the deck is published by Blue Angel Publishing.

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 5-26-2017 2
Honesty: Truth, Transparency, Sincerity, Communication Card

Honesty Card Quote:

“Honesty opens the door to freedom. Honesty is the currency of inner strength. Experience the power of sharing your truth.”

In the card image above, we see a woman looking up and perhaps contemplating on something she might like to communicate, suggested by the illuminated keyhole at her throat, representing her Throat Chakra. In her right hand the woman is holding a key that will help her express herself honestly.

Intuitive Message:

Trust yourself, and be honest with yourself. You have the key to the answers you seek within yourself. You hold it in your hands. Live as truthfully and as honestly as you can at this time. Are there any truths that have not been said to a loved one? Are these unsaid truths hanging over your head and interfering with your relationship? Now it might be time to open up a conversation where you can talk about the things that have been left unsaid.

Is the idea of speaking up, or speaking your truth making you feel like running for the hills? If you are not ready to speak up now, perhaps you can write the conversation you would like to have with your loved one in your journal, or a word document, and see how that feels. You don’t have to say the words out loud immediately, but you can practice what you may want to say in writing and keep it to yourself for now.  This might help you open up to the conversation itself at some point.

Honesty is an interesting subject to me, and actually it reminds me of a really good book called: The Dance of Deception: Pretending and Truth-Telling in Women’s Relationships, by the women’s psychologist  Harriet Lerner. It’s a really worthwhile read. I highly recommended. It was not what I expected. Harriet Lerner is very good as showing a subject from all angles and you will have an improved relationship with yourself and as well with others.

Dance of Deception
Image from Amazon.com

Have a good one lovelies! Many blessings! ❤



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