Happiness – Card Message

Hello there lovelies!

It’s nice to be back with a reading after taking a couple of days off. Just a little catch-up in case you are wondering. My visit and procedure at the hospital went well. Noting unusual was found, and finally after three months since my ailment started my initial scare and worry was put to rest. So all is as well as can be, but I do have to take better care of myself physically.

Alright! 🙂

Today’s message is from the card Happiness. This card is from The Life Navigator Deck: International Messages to Light the Way and Empower Your Journey, by painter Jane Delaford Taylor , and illustrator Manoj Vijayan, published by Findhorn Press.

Happiness – Card Quote

“It’s much easier to enjoy yourself when you are not thinking about yourself. To be happier, practice engaging with life in a spirit of wholehearted, immersive play!”

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 5-25-2017 2

In this image we see a young girl, or a young woman sitting in a yoga position. Her back is to us an she is facing a large golden white sphere filled with energy. The energy sphere is surrounded by butterflies, and everything is illuminated with the colour of this joyful energy.  The photo in the top background shows three dolphins mid jump in the ocean. The ocean is calm and deep blue and the dolphins seemed to have jumped in unison.

The position of the young woman with her arms raised like that reminds me a bit of a music conductor. She is interacting with her environment and creating her happiness. She is embracing this energy fully and directing it to fulfill her. It also reminds me of the Sun rising. The rising sun indicates a new day, a sunny and happiness inducing day. A new start, a new fresh beginning.

So if you are having a hard time and it’s hard for you to find happiness at this time, look towards the sunrise. Take some time and interact with nature. Engage in some activities that you know will bring you pleasure. Happiness is not a constant feeling, we sometimes have to make ourselves happy with play, like the dolphins in the background image suggests. You can start with doing something that makes you happy for the next 5 to 10 minutes. Commit to that only for now! What is it that you can do for the next 5 minutes that may bring you happiness? What are some playful things that you enjoy? Do you enjoy doing these activities with friends or on your own? Just go out there an watch the butterflies, and bees and other critters interact with Mother Nature to bring some happiness your way. Do the best you can today to feel good!

Much love and many blessings lovelies! ❤


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