Nine of Water & Rabbit Fertility – Card Messages

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 5-22-2017 2

Hello again beautiful souls!

Today’s card messages come from The Bohemian Animal Tarot, which is written by Scott Alexander King, illustrated by Sharon McLeod, and published by Rockpool Publishing. The second card for today is from World Animal Dreaming Oracle Cards, by the same author, Scott Alexander King (link above), illustrated by Karen Branchflower, and publish by Rockpool Publishing as well.

The cards: Nine of Water (Cups) & Rabbit Fertility

Nine of Water:

The Nine of Water shows an Elk sitting on an upholstered sofa with his arms crossed. Behind him are nine cups beautifully arranged. The Elk represents vigor, power and endurance. These qualities are what got the Elk where he is right now enjoying and appreciating the good things in his life.

The Nine of Water encourages you to enjoy life today. This is a card of wishes coming true and allowing yourself to appreciate how far you’ve come in life.

Intuitive message from the Elk as I got it from gazing at the image: Come and join me in my joy. Sit with me and taste the abundance of life. Let yourself feel the love of the Universe and and appreciate being alive at this time. You can sample and have all the things you desire. Just do what you did to get this far and continue to learn and expand in your life wile allowing yourself to feel a little joy every single day. Look for ways to invoke those feelings and bask in their warm embrace.

Rabbit Fertility:

The Rabbit today reminds you to walk gently upon the Earth, and to revere and honor all things. Rabbit helps us connect with the cycle of life, growth, life, death, and rebirth. Rabbit helps us notice nature’s cycles as well as the cycles within ourselves. Rabbit is here to ensure you that life can be rich, fertile, bright and meaningful, especially when you live a dedicated, passionate and sacred life.

Blessed be lovelies! ❤


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