Strength – Card Message

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Hello there beautiful souls!

Today’s tarot message is from the Major Arcana card XI Strength, from the Margarete Petersen Tarot, by Margarete Petersen, and published by AGM-Urania.

Poem for the XI Strength card from the Margarete Peterson Guidebook:

Painted red she dances in the center,

Surrounded by a subtle net of channels

To her left and her right.

In Muladhara the spirit of fire lives

In the mist of the flame

That is its nourishment.

She is the creative moment.

Like a spark in the light.



The image of this card shows a bare female figure with a spiral of energy shown on her root chakra. The female is facing us and has the cycle of the moon surrounding her, as well as other energetic influences and vibrations in a swirl of earthy, deep red, yellow, green, blue, and gray colours. Her right hand is resting on the head of a horned scaly creature, and her left hand is open and turned forward as to take in and release the energy within and around her. Her left foot is gently resting on the creature’s paw, which has its claws extended but relaxed.

The Strength card represents inner strength, tenacity, fortitude and the power of the human spirit to overcome obstacles.

The woman in this card is you and you are her. She is pure in her nakedness and open to the universe and the energies surrounding her. She is in a state of allowing and open to her experiences. She is calm and gentle with the creature and herself. She is not afraid that the creature that represents a part of her inner shadowy self will take over and run her experiences. She trusts that she has fed and paid attention enough to that part of herself. That shadowy creature part of herself works with her not against her at this time.

The moon cycle surrounding her is also working with her now. The full moon is closest to her at this time. The fool moon part of the moon cycle is suspended in the air by the right side of her head. The right side of the woman’s brain is very active right now. This is an opportune time for the conscious, awake, intuitive part of herself to shine, as it is for you.

This is a time of trusting your creative, imaginative and intuitive self. It is time to be the master of yourself and your world. The figure and everything in this Strength card represents the energy of where you are right now, or where you may need to be. Remember, she is you, you are her. You are brave, and bold and able to connect with both your inner and outer strength. You can take responsibility for yourself, and present yourself as strong, confident, compassionate, and loving to the world, yourself and your life.

*In my card photo above you see my Living Stone Cactus, which I named GiGi, and my Green Aventurine, prayer/meditation/affirmation beads I made for myself and use to focus on abundance.

Blessed be lovelies! ❤






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