Suspension Tank – Card Message

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 5-20-2017 2
Suspension Tank Card from The Steampunk Tarot
Hello there lovelies!
Today’s message is from: XII Suspension Tank card. Traditionally XII The Hanged Man.
In the image of this card we see an escapologist suspended upside-down in a water tank. He only has a certain amount of time to free himself and perform an escape. The assistants are there at the ready to help pull him up in case of danger, and failure of escape. In the Suspension Tank the escapologist has to surrender to the process. He must have the confidence to test his skills and abilities. Just like the escapologist you need to look at things/the world/your world, from a different perspective during this period of your life. You also need to trust in the process of what is unfolding now, and know that you too can relay on your skills, abilities, experience and knowledge. The focus now seems to be on your internal process in relation to what is being learned from this experience at this time. You might gain wisdom at this point that might not be possible otherwise. Being under pressure to perform can help you change things in your life. Just remember to take only the time it takes and no longer, as to not run the risk of remaining suspended and stuck, and loose or miss the new perspective completely. Learn what you need and then let go. Wisely escape your entrapment.
Steampunk Wisdom: “Entering deeply into the process requires calm and surrender. How does your devotion help you to realize the gifts of life?” – Booklet text.
The deck used in this reading is The Steampunk Tarot, by John and Caitlin Matthews. Illustrations by Wil Kinghan. Published by Tuttle Publishing.
Blessed be! ❤



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