Past Presence – Card Message

VabTarotOracle Insta & WordPress Post 5-19-2017 2
Hello there lovelies! I hope you all have been keeping well and happy as much as you could!
I know it has been a long time since I have posted here on this blog, but I think I found a good way to manage my fear of expressing myself in any form and especially in writing since I have created another Instagram account named VABTAROTORACLE 5 days ago.
On this account I post general Tarot and Oracle messages, that are intuitive and based on my knowledge of the cards so far, and also peppered with my life learned lessons and experiences.  The readings on this account are intended to help, or brighten the day of the members of the lovely tarot, spiritual, pagan, witchcraft, shamanistic, and awakened community I interact with online, as well as all other spiritual paths we find ourselves on. And last but not least, these readings are for anybody else, not mater what path is lead, that find the subject and readings interesting and can benefit from these messages shared daily. I am planning to expand on the Instagram readings on this blog here as much as I can. Below you will find the posting from today, May 19, 2017. The card – shown in the image above – is from the deck called: Resonance Oracle Cards. with text and artwork, by Dara Caplan. The deck is published by Schiffer Publishing ltd. Find a sweet and short review of this oracle deck here on New Paths Tarot. And for even more more reviews check out Aeclectic Tarot.
Today’s Message:
PAST PRESENCE: “Our tomorrow is built on today, and our today is built on yesterday. However, overall, it is better to live in the now. You may have things going on that are better left in the past, or there are things continuing to take place because something needs to be healed or addressed.” – Guidebook text. ❤
What I find interesting about this image is that it appears to show a sacred room in chapel perhaps with a candle on the left and a wooden chest on the right. This room has a stained glass window, and in it we can see a woman that could represent Mother Mary.
If you’re experiencing some pull toward the past today that affects your day, perhaps Mother Mary, or another loving and healing deity you work with can help you. The room in this image looks so inviting. You can try to take a few minutes and in your mind’s eye and imagine sitting down in this room (or another healing room you’ve created for yourself, or want to create as you do this) and ask for Mother Mary’s, or another Deity/Goddess that you work with, to come to you and help you heal your past. Mother Mary has a very calming, loving, healing, and expanding vibration. Focus on her vibrations (or your chosen deity) and ask for help with an issue from your past that it’s still coming up for you today. The candle in the room can represent your open and bright soul, and the wooden chest on the right can represent your days and years, and events from the past that you kept with you all this time. Perhaps you can see yourself going through the items in the wooden chest and choosing one that represents what needs to be healed. You can come to this room and work with your Deity at any time and as often you want and need. Choose any item that represents a part of your past as often as you need until you feel the past had healed, and the lessons to be gained were revealed to you.
Blessed be lovelies! ❤





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