Little Life Update

Image taken by me in December 2013 during the Ice Storm in Toronto Ontario, Canada

Hello there friends! I hope you all had a lovely holiday season and 2017 has met you good and well. I, like probably a lot of you, am really happy that the New Year is here. Hello 2017! 🙂 I know I seem a little late with this statement, but I’m glad to have written and say it to you here now.

As the year got closer to the end I was becoming more excited to start afresh. I was looking forward to shedding the feel of 2016. I’ve started to tune in the month of December every year and feel intuitively what the New Year is going to bring. I have only done that since December 2014. For example:

  • In December of 2014, I knew that 2015 was going to be a spiritual year for me. I started to connect with myself spiritually in September of 2014. In 2015 I spent a lot of time in my higher Chakras and felt very connected to my Higher Self and Spirit.
  • In December of 2015 I knew that the year of 2016 will feel very heavy and earth bound for me. I ended up spending a lot more time in my lower Chakras, and I feel in a way it was because I kind of ignored my physicality the year before. I realize now that it was exactly what was needed in my life because it helped me a lot during the times I’ve experienced my depression.
  • And for this year, for 2017, I kind of seen and felt a clean slate. Which I love. Because, it really feels like a true beginning and a chance to bring both energies of the spiritual experiences of 2015 with the physical, earthly experiences of 2016, into some form of balance. Or at least this is what I hope. I find this interesting because my tarot card of the year from the Major Arcana is XIV Temperance. So I am hoping to bring forth the energy of this card forth in my life.

Here is how you can find out your card of the year: Add your date of birth with the current year. For example if you are born on 19 December, you add 19+12+2017, which = 2048. Then add 2+4+8=14 and the major arcana card corresponding with number 14 is Temperance. I came across this calculation fist on Kelly-Ann Maddox’s channel on YouTube which is an incredible resource of spirituality, witchery, self-love, self-empowerment, and tarot. I love her so, so much, and probably always will for introducing me to my spiritual path through her videos. You can also find out how to calculate your card of the year, your personality card, shadow/teacher card, and much more at the beginning of the amazing book Tarot for Yourself, by Mary K Greer.

OK, wow, this blog post is getting kind of long. 🙂 So now onto what I really meant to talk about, the little life update.

I hope I will be writing more this year in general. In my journals and on this blog. I always intend to write more but I often don’t get to do it, because once I sit to do it I don’t feel like it anymore, but I would like to push through it this year.

Here are some hopes I have for this year. I hope to:

  • Move to a new place
  • Make more money
  • Learn tarot more in-depth
  • Write more on the blog/s
  • Maybe start a tarot business at the end of the year
  • Start working on my animal oracle deck, and possibly on a tarot deck (concepts ideas)
  • Start to learn more art with watercolors, ink and other media
  • Write more about tarot and learn some of the decks I own better
  • Join a tarot Meet Up group in my city
  • Do a lot more tarot readings for other than myself so I can practice and improve
  • Read more books
  • Create some 2017 goals and attempt to accomplish them

I really want to work more closely with my tarot decks this year. I have quite a few of both tarot and oracle decks. I want to pull cards and really sit with them and connect with them. This I find hard sometimes because I always act like I don’t have enough time for anything I start, so I jump from thing to thing like a mad woman and in the end unfortunately I end up accomplishing nothing substantial. Good thing my card of the year this year is card 14 XIV Temperance, because I am really planning to get to know this energy and connect with it. I am such a stranger to this energy. I really need to learn to slow down especially mentally. I need Temperance badly in my life right now. It is the perfect card for me this year. So I will keep you updated on that. 😉

OK lovelies! We have come to the end. I hope it’s not too late to wish you a Very Happy 2017! May you be blessed beyond your imagination this year and beyond! Much Love! ❤




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