My Healing Tarot Challenge On Instagram – August 2016

Hello lovelies! 💖

It’s been a wile since I’ve posted anything on this blog. For that I apologize and I have not excuses other than the feeling that I get very nervous about posting on WordPress for some reason. I am more active on various Social Media accounts, but I would like to contribute here too way more than I have in the past.

For now I wanted to share a challenge I created today and shared on my Instagram account. It’s a tarot/oracle challenge that focuses on healing and can be done one question at the time for the month of August 2016, or at the pace that you prefer.

This year of 2016 has been feeling very different than 2015 for me. 2015 was a spiritually awakening year and I spent a lot of time in the upper chakras. This year it seems I need to focus on my lower chakras and balance everything out. (I hope).  I knew back in December that this year will feel heavier for me, and that’s OK. I know that I have many lessons to learn this year, and I’ve been feeling it heavily since the start of the year, but it’s not something I can actually put into words. This is one reason why blogging has been hard to do. I feel a lot, but I have a hard time describing the feelings, the lessons, and exactly what I’m going through. It’s all jumbled up like a chaotic mess that needs time do disentangle.

So this month feels very heavy and difficult for me internally. There are no apparent outward reasons for this and I am working daily on maintaining happiness and staying grounded. Thank goodness for my tarot and oracle decks! And because I decided to take more of an active step toward feeling better this month, I decided to focus on some much needed healing work. As I was trying to figure out what to focus on, I thought that maybe using Tarot as a monthly challenge again, I could do the healing work daily. So here is the challenge I created for August 2016. It’s called Healing Tarot Challenge, and focuses on various aspects that we could look into healing for ourselves.

Healing Tarot Challenge August 2016
Healing Tarot Challenge on Instagram on my account VeronicaAnaB

This challenge is very much focused on ourselves and our various relationship within and without ourselves. I know it can seem like a really tough challenge and topics to work with for an entire month, but I am encouraging you, and myself, to work with tarot/oracle and give some attention to these aspects of ourselves that need much love. Please join me on Instagram if you find this interesting. Go at your own pace, finish at your own pace (even a question a week if you like), and use whatever deck you feel helps you to answer these questions. Please tag me @veronicaanab and #healingtarotchallenge if you participate. I would absolutely love to see your cards, even if you don’t go into detail given that these readings will be very personal. Let’s heal ourselves and help our world one person at the time. Much love to you all!🍃 😘😘😘

I hope your remaining days of July are awesome!

Wishing you an amazing August as well!

Cheers 🙂



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