My Tarot & Oracle Decks for April 2016


Hello Lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful March, and if you had any difficulties, I hope you got through them alright.

It has been a long time since I have posted anything on the blog, but I renewed my commitment this month and I am planning to write and post at least once a week.

This March I participated in a few tarot and oracle challenges on Instagram and although that was a lot of fun it also kept me very busy.  This month I want to take it easy a little, and work more with my decks on my own. I am still participating in one challenge running from March 20 – April 18. It’s called Aries Tarot Challenge and it’s created by Sahakehau. You can find posts from the participants under #gsomtarotchallenge .

Besides the Aries Tarot Challenge this month I want to work with The Mary-El Tarot and the Sacred Rebels Oracle. These two decks are very powerful and are loved by many in the tarot and oracle readers’ community.

Sacred Rebels and Mary-El 1,2,3 01-04-2016 resized

In the photo above you can see the cards I drew for my personal readings today from both decks I mentioned above. I drew monthly cards, weekly cards for Friday April 1 – Thursday, April 7, and I drew a card for today. I plan to do this with all my working decks in the future to, because I think it’s useful for me to learn, and I want to know the energies of all those time frames.

Cards for the months of April 2016: 5 of Swords from The Mary-El Tarot (MET) & 43 Come to Life from the Sacred Rebels Oracle (SRO).

Sacred Rebels and Mary-El 1 01-04-2016 Resized
5 of Swords & 43 Come to Life

Cards for the week April 1 -7, 2016: King of Swords (MET) & 30 The Perfection of Your Life (SRO).

Sacred Rebels and Mary-El 2 01-04-2016 Resized.jpg
King of Swords & 30 The Perfection of Your Life

And the card of the day for April 1, 2016: X The Wheel of Fortune (MET) & 40 The Sacred Fool (SRO).

Sacred Rebels and Mary-El 3 01-04-2016 resized.jpg
X The Wheel of Fortune & 40 Sacred Fool

I will take some time to journal with these cards today, but I can already tell that this month is going to be very interesting. From what I see it’s going to be a month of careful communication and perhaps with some challenges in that area, as well as a month of transformation and learning how to better communicate and learn that bring me joy, wisdom, and aliveness.

Have a great week lovelies! Until next week!

Love and Blessings…<3



2 thoughts on “My Tarot & Oracle Decks for April 2016

    1. It is such a powerful deck. If you have a chance to get it I would say it’s worth it. It is a very feminine and spiritual deck as far as the images go though, but the meaning of the cards are relatable to all of us.

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