April 1, 2016 Card Messages

Hello sugar pies! 🙂

I’ve selected three oracle decks to read and receive messages for us today. I hope some of those messages are resonating with you and they are useful to you. The decks I used are: The Soul Journey Lesson Cards, Universal Love Healing Oracle, and Daily Guidance from Your Angels Oracle.

01-04-2016 Messages Cards Resized

The Soul’s Journey Message: Surrender: I can release the need to control. – Most of us have realized that we can only really control the path that we are on in life. So this card comes to us as a reminder to release the illusion of control of another and their path. Find ways to release the need and illusion of control of anything outside your own path in life. As an exercise you can write what you think you need to can control on a piece of paper and burn it. Or you can do the same thing as a visualization exercise to have the same effect of helping you release the need to control.

Universal Love Healing Oracle Message: Sacred Union – Let yourself and a new, or existing friend come together and feel the blossoming of a beautiful physical and spiritual relationship.

Daily Guidance from your Angels Message: Giving and Receiving – As you give remember to also receive. Both are gifts that we share with each other. A balance of giving and receiving is needed at this time.

Blessings lovelies! ❤


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