Complaining, Finding Empowerment, & Teal Swan

Hello 🙂 I hope you are having a good Sunday so far!

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I watch quite a few videos by Teal Swan. I’ve been watching her videos for a few months now and I personally find them very helpful. I also recently purchased her two books which are available as physical copies or ebooks, and I’m in the middle of reading her first book called The Sculptor in the Sky . The Sculptor in the Sky is an amazing book, and I really resonate with what she has to say. I think for me personally because I started by watching her videos first, it helped me connect more with the information in the book. Teal Swan’s second book is called Shadows Before Dawn: Finding the Light of Self-Love Through our Darkest Times, and I’m really looking forward to reading that one as well.

Below is a video by Teal Swan that I was watching this morning. The video is called Complaining and it’s interesting because I have experienced more complaining from people around me lately, and I was thinking about this very topic and experience just yesterday. In general when people complain it doesn’t bother me, and sometimes I feel like there isn’t much I can do other than listen. And that’s ok because they need to be heard. But other times the complains of others takes a toll on me and I start to feel down and heavy, especially when I feel bad and I try to help. Ultimately I try not to interfere too much and fix things for others – which it’s hard for me since I’ve been a fixer for most of my life, but I do my best to leave life in in their capable hands. We are all responsible for what we create in our lives whether we realize it or not. I always had the sense that when people complain about various things in their life, there is something real and deeper going on with them. So I wanted to share Teal’s video with you because I think it’s really good. It can help us look inside ourselves and claim some of the power we sometimes feel we’ve lost to the circumstances and people around us.

Love and Blessing! ❤

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