From Despair to Where?

A great post from Tiferet Tarot, about approaching tarot cards that might seem difficult for you. 🙂

Tiferet Tarot

starOver the last month, I have been publishing small chunks of tarot reading advice on my Instagram and Facebook pages, which I call Tarot Tips.

For each, I have posted a card from my own deck, the unpublished Spirit Within the Shadows Tarot. I have been working my way through the Major Arcana, adding a tip associated with the meaning of each of the 22 cards.

For The Star, a card of hope and inspiration, I wrote:

I remember a public reading I once gave for a lady. The first two cards out of the trap were the 10 of Swords and The Tower.

As a reader, it’s natural to think ‘Kill me now!’ in a situation like that.

Thankfully, the lady understood the message. She’d had a traumatic week and was pleased to see it reflected in her cards.

A reading might look ‘all doom and…

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