First Reading with Sacred Rebels Oracle

Sacred Oracle 1st reading 07-01-2016 VAB
Sacred Rebels Deck by Alana Fairchild: Diving for Light & Releasing Allegiances – Cards

I have purchased the Sacred Rebels Oracle deck a few months ago. I have heard amazing things about it in the Tarot and Oracle community on YouTube, Instagram, and various articles and reviews online. I wanted to work with it one day but it did not feel like the right time, and I wasn’t ready to do so until this morning.

Something in my life is changing tremendously. I will not go into detail too much here since it’s rather personal and I am not ready to talk about it openly. But it will be a major shift in my life and it’s been due for at least a couple of years. I will say that it involves me saying goodbye to places and people I dearly love,  and moving away as to allow all – including myself – to be and live life in a way that works and it’s beneficial for us individually.

I know that it would not be easy, and I know this is something I have to do and it will be good for everyone especially me, yet I cannot help feeling terrified. So I woke up feeling like I need some love from my cards, and I was thinking of what deck to use this morning. Lately I’ve been drawing cards daily form the Toni Carmine Salerno’s oracle decks that I own: Universal Love Healing, Universal Wisdom, and Angels, Gods, and Goddesses. They are very lovely decks and I will continue to work with them, but this morning I felt the need to reach for something a little different, and I pulled the Sacred Rebels Oracle off the shelf.

Sacred Rebels Oracle VAB small

The two cards that I got (1st photo above) are very appropriate for my current situation, and at this point I haven’t even read the creator’s meaning for the cards. But looking at the images and messages on the cards I know that I will be supported by this deck. I will use this deck to assist me with my transitions this year, because I KNOW that 2016 will be one of those years where a lot of transitions will take place in my life.

Blessings to you all!




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