My Themes & Year Card for 2016

Happy New Year!!! Happy 2016! 😀

VAB TarotOracle
Downtown Toronto (December 30, 2015)

I hope you all had a pretty good new year’s eve, and were able to end meet 2016 with happy hearts! I just love the feeling at the beginning of a new year. It is full of hope and dreams, and to me it feels like anything is possible. Here are some themes I want to be aware of and work with in 2016:

  1. Working more with the Tarot and Oracle decks I already own and purchase way less decks in 2016. My 2016 deck list is much shorter than last year.
  2. Start saving again even just 10% (5% for savings and 5% just for me) of my income no matter how much or little I make, because I like that feeling of seeing money increasing in an account.
  3. Seek a different, or additional type of paid work, or start a new school program to increase my skills.
  4. Continue to discover who I am and how I want to express myself on my spiritual path.
  5. Continue to do Shadow Work and Inner Child Work in 2016 to help myself heal.

My Year Card for 2016:

I wanted to share what is my Major Arcana Tarot Card of the Year for 2016. I’ve never done, or knew about this calculation before seeing the video by Kelly-Ann Maddox on her YouTube channel. She is amazing, and has an incredible channel! I’ve been watching her all year. In the video she shares the calculation (from the book Tarot 101, by Kim Huggens) so you can figure out what your tarot card for the year is. And she also gives you a brief description of each major arcana card and the possible lessons you might need to learn or seek for yourself based on that card of the year. See the video bellow.

I find the idea of using a tarot card as inspiration for lessons to come in a year fascinating. And after realizing what my card was for 2015, XII The Hanged Man, it fit so well and made so much sense to me. I definitely had a very Hanged Man kind of year.

My card for 2016 is XIII Death. I’ve been getting the Death card a lot lately. I’ve participated on a Instagram tarot challenge called Death and Tarot (#deathandtarotchallenge) for the month of December. The challenge was based on questions as a tarot reader and was amazing. In the last 2 weeks of December I pulled the Death card at least 4 times. I worked with tarot cards all of this year and I rarely got the death card. Maybe once or twice. So getting the Death card so much in the last couple of weeks makes sense to me now. It’s going to be an interesting ride this year.

Death - Mucha - VAB TO
XIII Death card from Tarot Mucha the deck I used for the Death and Tarot Challenge in December 2015 on Instagram.

If you don’t have time to see the video above lust look at my calculation bellow as an example.

Start with your day of birth + month of birth. I was born on 27 April, so 27 + 04 = 31. Then 31 + 2016 (the current year): 31 + 2016 = 2047. Then add 2047 as separate numbers: 2 + 0 + 4 + 7 = 13. XIII in Tarot is Death. For this calculation 0 The Fool is considered card 22. If you get a number greater than 22 like 23 instead of 13 like me, then you add 2 + 3 = 5 and your card is V The Hierophant for example. You only use the Major Arcana cards and numbers to figure out your card for this year. If you want to share, let me know what your card is for 2016. I would love to know!

Have a very joyous and blissful 2016!

Love and Blessings! ❤



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