Lee Harris December 2015 Energy Forecast

Lee Harris

I discovered the YouTube channel of Lee Harris this July when I was going to a difficult time in my life and I had to make a very important decision. I use the insight that I gained from that video and helped myself to make the decision which is still the best decision I could have made for myself. Ever since that last week of July, 2015,  I check in and listen regularly to Lee Harris’s monthly energy forecasts. Lee is amazing!

A couple of months after I found him, I watched all his past monthly energy posts up to December 2013. Each month was so accurate for me. I remembered that especially for the last half of 2014 to the first half of 2015, I kept thinking “Oh my goodness, how true.” If you’ve never seen his video’s I highly recommend it.

That being said, the energies for this month are a little heavier, and if this is the first video you watch by him, and you only want to hear supper positive messages, do not let this deter you from watching his videos in the future. What is happening within us and the world at this time is not wrong. There is light and happiness, and then sometimes there are difficulties and struggles within us and in life. These too shall pass. I suggest to sit and watch last month’s video, or some other formerly posted videos and see if you resonate with what he said for any particular month that was especially difficult for you. I find Lee to be very, very accurate. Needless to say 🙂 I love him to bits and I respect him tremendously!

Love and Light everyone! ❤


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