Magical Haunting Dark Instrumental Music

Mischivious Minds Song Cover - Peter Gundry

Hello all! Happy Thanksgiving to all that celebrate at this time!

I want to share with you my last night’s music binge. I have not sat down to listen to music in quite a few months, you know, other than listening on the subway. And last night, I was blown away by the music of composer Peter Gundry. I was up till 4:30 am. I listened to his music over and over. I have found some amazing favourites. He is so incredible! I’ve been gushing all over the internet on all my social media accounts about his music. Please have a listen if you have time! If you like orchestral/instrumental/choir music that it’s a little dark but very emotional and beautiful then he is your composer. Please check out some of my favourites bellow. I hope you enjoy some of them! 🙂

Love, Light and Blessings! ❤

Salem’s Secret – My absolute favourite piece!

Land of Fire – Amazingly Haunting Music.

The Daughter of Darkness – Beautiful

Sebastian’s Lullaby – Beautiful and a little lighter fantasy piece

The Coven – Also very beautiful


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